Bamboo Plants Delivery in Indonesia

Bamboo or lucky bamboo, as it is called, are rapidly becoming very popular as gifting items. Besides being very pretty to look at, they are also believed to be the harbingers of good luck and fortune as per Feng Shui. It is believed that 3 stalks of bamboo bring happiness and wealth, 6 stalks of bamboo harken prosperity and 7 stalks of bamboo improve health.

The Basket of Bamboo Buy Now

The Basket Of Bamboo

Rp 600000 / $ 37.20
Only Available In Jabodetabek
Gucci Variegated Buy Now

Gucci Variegated

Rp 400000 / $ 24.80
Only Available In Jabodetabek
Bamboo Style Basket Buy Now

Bamboo Style Basket

Rp 550000 / $ 34.10
Only Available In Jabodetabek
Happiness Plant Buy Now

Happiness Plant

Rp 225000 / $ 13.95
Only Available In Jabodetabek
Heart Shaped bamboo Buy Now

Heart Shaped Bamboo

Rp 155000 / $ 9.61
Only Available In JABODETABEK
Gucci Mini Buy Now

Gucci Mini

Rp 225000 / $ 13.95
Only Available In JABODETABEK
Olympid Buy Now


Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Only Available In JABODETABEK
Gucci Grand Buy Now

Gucci Grand

Rp 825000 / $ 51.15
Only Available In JABODETABEK
5 layer lucky bamboo plant Buy Now

5 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

Rp 325000 / $ 20.15
Only Available In JABODETABEK
Ring Oval Buy Now

Ring Oval

Rp 925000 / $ 57.35
Only Available In JABODETABEK
Ring Oval Green Buy Now

Ring Oval Green

Rp 450000 / $ 27.90
Only Available In JABODETABEK
Pineapple Shaped Lucky Bamboo Plant Buy Now

Pineapple Shaped Lucky Bamboo Plant

Rp 650000 / $ 40.30
Only Available In JABODEATABEK
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So, send about your best wishes and blessings to your loved ones by sending bamboo plants in Indonesia to them. Bamboo plants are also durable and easy to care for. A blessing for those who do not have a green thumb. They can flourish in any kind of lighting and require no extra care. Since they are so durable and long lasting, they flourish for years and make for great memories. Send bamboo plants online in Indonesia to your loved ones to remind them of your ardour. They are also considered auspicious for offices. So, one can also send them to their business associate and clients in the form of corporate gifts. These plants will add a human side to all of your dealings, as it will convey that you are wishing that the businesses of all your clients and associates flourish along with yours. One can also gift these at birthdays, housewarming parties, anniversaries, weddings or as a thank you gift. Order bamboo plants online for Indonesia from and send some luck and positive thoughts someone’s way.

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