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Get same-day delivery of gerberas online in Indonesia from Probunga and make them smile on special occasions, including their birthday or any other festivities that await you and your close ones. After roses and carnations, gerberas are the third most gifted flower in the world. Gerberas were first found in 1884, close to Barberton, South Africa. Gerberas are very easy to grow and also very popular as gifting flowers because of the huge array of hues it naturally grows in. Hence, it is easier to choose them as gifts for someone who is partial towards a particular hue.

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Sunlit Cheer Buy Now

Sunlit Cheer

Rp 362500 / $ 22.48
A The At The Heart Of Happiness 10 Stem Colorful Gerberas Arrange In A Bouquet Will Delight Your Special Recipient With Its Large Colorful Blooms, Bringing Them A Gift Flowering With Sunlit Cheer And Beauty!
Smile Buy Now


Rp 437500 / $ 27.13
Express Your Affection Boldly With This Truly Original Arrangement Of Romantic 20 Stem Assorted Color Gerbera With Tropical Leaves.
Pink Passion Buy Now

Pink Passion

Rp 437500 / $ 27.13
Send Your Sweetest Kiss Through This Arrangement Of 20 Pink Gerberas In A Bouquet.
Beauty In You Buy Now

Beauty In You

Rp 287500 / $ 17.83
Rich And Silky 10 Stem Gerbera Are Sculpted To Perfection In This Grand Rounded Bouquet.
Bright Gerbera bouquet Buy Now

Bright Gerbera Bouquet

Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
A Bright And Cheerful Display Of All Big Gerbera’s In Various Colour With Foliage And A Touch Of Gypsophila.
Gerbera Fantacy Buy Now

Gerbera Fantacy

Rp 250000 / $ 15.50
Bunch Of 6 Stems Of Yellow Gerbera And 6 Stems Of White Gerberas With Seasonal Fillers And Beautifully Wrapped In Wrapping Paper.
Lovely lady Buy Now

Lovely Lady

Rp 400000 / $ 24.80
Lovely Arrangement Of 6 Peach And 6 White Gerbera. Arranged In A Nice Clear Glass Vase.
Fresh Romance Buy Now

Fresh Romance

Rp 612500 / $ 37.98
A Bouquet Of Mixed Flowers That Consist Of Yellow Gerbera, Peach Roses, Pompoms And Other Fillers
Gerbera Paradise Buy Now

Gerbera Paradise

Rp 437500 / $ 27.13
Bunch Of 5 Light Pink Gerbera,5 Dark Pink Gerbera 4 Yellow Gerbera 4 Red Gerbera With Gypsophila Wrapped In Red & Brown Fabric Tied With Pink Ribbon
Just Perfect Buy Now

Just Perfect

Rp 487500 / $ 30.23
A Bouquet Of 12 Pink Roses And 10 Stem Pink Gerbera.
Gerbera Bouquet Buy Now

Gerbera Bouquet

Rp 455000 / $ 28.21
Bunch Of 25 Stems Of Pink And Baby Pink Gerberas With Seasonal Fillers Wrapped In A Grey Wrapping Paper.
Exotic Lilies Buy Now

Exotic Lilies

Rp 1087500 / $ 67.43
Rp 2099500 / $ 130.17
Celebrating Some Of The Most Popular Flowers With A Summery Twist, This Sumptuous Bouquet Is As Pretty As A Picture. The Hot Pink Contrast With Soft Pastel Pink Roses - And Both Shades Are Brought Together By The Lovely Hue Of These Exotic Oriental Lilies.
hot offerr
Pinky love Buy Now

Pinky Love

Rp 250000 / $ 15.50
These 12 Striking Stalks Of Sweet Pink Geberas And Green Fillers With Ribbon Form An Amazing Hand-tied Bouquet. A Great Gift For Anyone Who Appreciates Gerbera Flowers.
Mixed Gerberas Buy Now

Mixed Gerberas

Rp 437500 / $ 27.13
Bunch Of 20 Mixed Gerberas Along With Greens
Red Gerberas Buy Now

Red Gerberas

Rp 175000 / $ 10.85
Bouquet Of 6 Red Gerberas With Some Fillers In Tissue Wrapped.
Three in One Buy Now

Three In One

Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
3 White Gerberas, 3 Pink Gerberas & 3 Orange Gerberas In A Glass Vase Truly Brighten Any Day And Provide A Ray Of Optimism Every Time You Take A Glance.
Growth Buy Now


Rp 245000 / $ 15.19
3 Stems Of Gerberas Ina Glass Vase
Boost Buy Now


Rp 287500 / $ 17.83
When You Want To Send A Gift Thats Pure Viberant, A Bouquet Of Brilliant Colors Of Gerberas Is As Good As Gold.
Topsy Turvy Buy Now

Topsy Turvy

Rp 388877 / $ 24.11
I Am Topsy Turvy In Love With You. 12 Red Gerberas Arranged In A Box (Box Will Be Replaced To A Vase Incase Of Unavailability Of The Box)
Heartfelt arrangement Buy Now

Heartfelt Arrangement

Rp 630000 / $ 39.06
Arrangement Of 10 Light Pink Gerberas, 10 Peach Roses With Seasonal Fillers In A Cube Glass Vase.
Mixed Gerbera Buy Now

Mixed Gerbera

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
The Colorful World Gerbera Daisy Bouquet Was Created To Spread Warmth, Cheer And Light With Its Amazing Blooms! 12 Stems Of Our Finest Gerbera Daisies Arrive In An Assortment Of Vibrant Hues, Accompanied By A Clear Glass Vase, To Offer Uplifting Grace Ad A Spirited Ray Of Sunshine To Make This Day One Your Special Recipient Will Never Forget.
Yellow Elegance Buy Now

Yellow Elegance

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
An Elegant Basket Arrangement Of 20 Stem Yellow Gerberas
Gerbera Love Buy Now

Gerbera Love

Rp 200000 / $ 12.40
Bunch Of 8 Pink And White Gerberas With Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Peach Gerbera Buy Now

Peach Gerbera

Rp 200000 / $ 12.40
Bouquet Of 8 Stem Of Peach Gerberas Along With Fillers In Nice Brown Wrapping
Vibrant bouquet Buy Now

Vibrant Bouquet

Rp 125000 / $ 7.75
This 3pcs Bouquet Of Vibrant Gerbera Daisies Will Definitely Bring A Smile To Someone's Face.
10 Mixed Gerberas Buy Now

10 Mixed Gerberas

Rp 250000 / $ 15.50
Bouquet Of 10 Mix Color Gerberas With Tissue Wrapping
Viberant Love Buy Now

Viberant Love

Rp 250000 / $ 15.50
Bunch With 10 Mixed Gerberas With Green & Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Sunny Siesta Buy Now

Sunny Siesta

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
This Divine Bouquet Reminds The Eye Of Summer. Featuring Sunflowers, Germini And Solidago, This Arrangement Will Brighten Up Your Day And Make Your Loved One Smile.
Yellow Pink Gerbera Buy Now

Yellow Pink Gerbera

Rp 350000 / $ 21.70
A Bouquet Of 10 Yellow And 10 Pink Gerbera Nicely Wrapped In A Non Woven Paper And Tied With A Nice Ribbon.
Gracefull arrangement Buy Now

Gracefull Arrangement

Rp 250000 / $ 15.50
Bunch Of 3 Light Pink Gerbera,3 Dark Pink Gerbera 2 Yellow Gerbera 2 Red Gerbera With Gypsophila Wrapped In Red & Brown Fabric Tied With Pink Ribbon
Free Chocolate
Uniqueness Buy Now


Rp 437500 / $ 27.13
A Bouquet Of 20 Mixed Gerbera Nicely Wrapped In A Non Woven Paper And Tied With A Nice Ribbon.
Stay Blessed Buy Now

Stay Blessed

Rp 250000 / $ 15.50
There Are Probably A Million Reasons This Is Such A Popular Bouquet Of Yellow Bright Gerberas
Gorgeous gerbera Buy Now

Gorgeous Gerbera

Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
Bouquet Of 12 Mixed Gerberas Along With Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
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