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Unfortunately, you always need a reason to tell someone that you love them and care about them. Why do you have to wait for an occasion like Christmas or Thanksgiving to be around to give something to someone?  And nothing more says 'I care about you more than flower bouquets and flower baskets. There are many ways you can display flowers to keep them in focus, and flowers in a vase are one way, and you can send flowers online to make that happen. Surely someone who loves flowers will understand the value of your emotions through flowers. Moreover, flowers bring about happiness no matter what. When you see them, there is always freshness around them. 

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Charming Blue Buy Now

Charming Blue

Rp 995000 / $ 61.69
This Bouquet Of Blue And White Exudes Peacefulness And Is The Perfect Way To Send Warm Thoughts . 10 Blue Roses, 10 White Poms With The Filler Of Baby Breath In A Wrap.
Choco Beauty Buy Now

Choco Beauty

Rp 1475000 / $ 91.45
Send This Lovely Bouquet Of 24 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Her Chocolate Surrounded By Baby Breath To Make An Elegant Statement.
Kindest Heart Buy Now

Kindest Heart

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
A Special Show Of Kindness, This Eye-catching Bouquet Of Delicate Babys Breath Will Surprise And Delight Your Special One.
Stunning Beauty Buy Now

Stunning Beauty

Rp 975000 / $ 60.45
Demonstrate Your Love And Affection For Someone Special With This Gorgeous Flowers Design Of 30 Red Roses And Greenery.
Cotton Candy Buy Now

Cotton Candy

Rp 425000 / $ 26.35
So Many Fabulous Options To Make Someone`s Day Extra Special. Send This Gorgeous Arrangement Of 10 Fresh Pink Roses With Baby’s Breath.
Soft Touch Buy Now

Soft Touch

Rp 755000 / $ 46.81
This Delicate Flowers Arrangement Is An Eye-catching Array Of Beautiful Blooms. 8 Pink Roses, 8 Pink Poms And White Poms With Fillers In A Nice Wrap.
Perfect Pink Buy Now

Perfect Pink

Rp 1375000 / $ 85.25
If You Know Someone Who Loves Pink, They Will Surely Smile. Lovely Wrapped Bouquet Of 5 Stems Of Pink Lilies, 10 White Roses With 10 Pink Carnations, Assorted Greenery And Matching Pink Bow.
Enchant Buy Now


Rp 815000 / $ 50.53
This Enchanting Bouquet Of 10 Pink Tulips Mixed With Baby’s Breath And Complementary Greens, Will Certainly Captivate, Whatever The Occasion May Be.*only Available In Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi Dan Bali
Whisper Soft Buy Now

Whisper Soft

Rp 775000 / $ 48.05
Its Blooms May Be Whisper-soft, But This Bouquet Proclaims Your Love Loud And Proud! What A Lovely Way To Spoil Someone Special.This Angelic Bouquet Includes 10 White Roses And 10 Soft Pink Carnations.
Morning Melody Buy Now

Morning Melody

Rp 985000 / $ 61.07
A Lovely Mix Of 8 Red Roses And 4 Stems Sunflowers With Baby’s Breath As Filler In A Round Box. Only For Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok And Tangerang Area.
Golden Laughter Buy Now

Golden Laughter

Rp 645000 / $ 39.99
Inspired By The Sunny Sound Of Childrens Laughter, This Arrangement Of A Dozen Yellow Roses Presented In A Stunning Vase. What A Stylish Way To Make Someone Smile!
Everlast Buy Now


Rp 1375000 / $ 85.25
Relive The Romance And Passion Of Your Special Day With This Exciting Arrangement Of 40 Red Roses With 9 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate In A Round Box.
Gerbera Love Buy Now

Gerbera Love

Rp 200000 / $ 12.40
Bunch Of 8 Pink And White Gerberas With Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Rose love Buy Now

Rose Love

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Bouquet Between Baby Breath And 12 Red Rose In Nice Wrapping
Delightful bouquet Buy Now

Delightful Bouquet

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Rp 450000 / $ 27.90
Bouquet Of 5 Red Roses, 5 Champagne Roses, 2 Purple Roses & White Baby Breath In Nice Wrapping
hot offerr
Birthday bloom Buy Now

Birthday Bloom

Rp 280000 / $ 17.36
Express Your Love Today Be Sending One Of These Eternity Bouquet Of 8 Roses With Bupleurum And Ruscus Leaves In Nice Wrapping To The One You Love.
Pink Baby Buy Now

Pink Baby

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Rp 450000 / $ 27.90
Bouquet Between A Lot Of Baby Breath And 12 Pink Roses Rose In Nice Wrapping
hot offerr
Vibrant bouquet Buy Now

Vibrant Bouquet

Rp 125000 / $ 7.75
This 3pcs Bouquet Of Vibrant Gerbera Daisies Will Definitely Bring A Smile To Someones Face.
Romantic Red Buy Now

Romantic Red

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Rp 450000 / $ 27.90
Bouquet Between A Lot Of Baby Breath And 12 Red Roses Rose In Nice Wrapping
hot offerr
Romance Blooms 15 Buy Now

Romance Blooms 15

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Romance Blooms In This Fresh-as-ever Arrangement Of Sweet Pink Roses And Pleasant White Rose Arranged In A White Round Shaped Box For A Token Of Love That Is As Beautiful As The Delicate Desire Of Budding Romance With Pink Ribbon.
10 Mixed Gerberas Buy Now

10 Mixed Gerberas

Rp 250000 / $ 15.50
Bouquet Of 10 Mix Color Gerberas With Tissue Wrapping
Mix bunch Buy Now

Mix Bunch

Rp 260000 / $ 16.12
Bunch Of 3 Stems Of Red Roses, 3 Stems Of Pink Roses With Seasonal Fillers And Beautifully Wrapped In Wrapping Paper.
Royal Bouquet Buy Now

Royal Bouquet

Rp 320000 / $ 19.84
Make Her Feel Special Today With A Beautiful Purple Bouquet Of 3 Purple Roses, 3 White Gerbera, 3 Dark Purple Statice, 3 White Statice, Parvifolia & Tea Leaf One-sided Wrapped With Grey Paper And Tied Together With A White Ribbon
Gracefull arrangement Buy Now

Gracefull Arrangement

Rp 250000 / $ 15.50
Bunch Of 3 Light Pink Gerbera,3 Dark Pink Gerbera 2 Yellow Gerbera 2 Red Gerbera With Gypsophila Wrapped In Red & Brown Fabric Tied With Pink Ribbon
Free Chocolate
Pure Beauty Buy Now

Pure Beauty

Rp 975000 / $ 60.45
In Every Occasions Everyone Is Falling In Love With Red Roses. The Enchanting And Unique Hue Found In Pure Beauty Is Perfect For Complementing Everything From A Budding Romance To A Lasting Love.
Bouquet of red roses Buy Now

Bouquet Of Red Roses

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Bouquet Of 25 Stems Of Red Roses And Eucalyptus Leaf With Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Mix flowers Buy Now

Mix Flowers

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Bouquet Of 4 Stems Of Sunflower 5 Stems Of Peach Roses 3 Stems Of White Roses 3 Pink Carnation With Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Sunshine bouquet Buy Now

Sunshine Bouquet

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Rp 725000 / $ 44.95
Bouquet Of 7 Stems Of Red Roses, 5 Stems Of Purple Roses, 3 Stems Of Pink Carnation With Eucalyptus Leaf And Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
hot offerr
One Dozen Mixed Roses Buy Now

One Dozen Mixed Roses

Rp 537500 / $ 33.33
12 Mixed Roses In A Glass Vase
Both Lush & Luxurious Buy Now

Both Lush & Luxurious

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
This Romantic Box Arrangement Will Get You More Than A Kiss On The Cheek! Both Lush And Luxurious, It Features Classic 15 Red Roses And 15 Twin Color Pink Roses, All In A Pure Black Box. Not Just For Saying, “I Love You,” It’s A Gift That Helps You Express Whatever’s On Your Mind, Whether It’s For A Romantic Occasion Or Just Because.
Red bouquet Buy Now

Red Bouquet

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Bouquet Of 12 Stems Of Red Roses With Fillers And Euclyptus Leaf With Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Hydreangeas Buy Now


Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Bouquet Of 2 Stem Of Pink Hydreangea Along With Fillers In Nice White Wrapping
Sunny chocolate Buy Now

Sunny Chocolate

Rp 467500 / $ 28.99
Bouquet Of 3 Stems Of Sunflowers With Fillers In Nice Wrapping And Hersheys Nuggets Milk Chocolate 40g
Token of Affection Buy Now

Token Of Affection

Rp 757500 / $ 46.97
Bouquet Of 10 Stems Of Purple Tulips With Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Delicate pink roses Buy Now

Delicate Pink Roses

Rp 225000 / $ 13.95
Bouquet Of 6 Stems Of Pink Roses Along With Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Gorgeous gerbera Buy Now

Gorgeous Gerbera

Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
Bouquet Of 12 Mixed Gerberas Along With Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
Lilies & Roses Combo Buy Now

Lilies & Roses Combo

Rp 1550000 / $ 96.10
Bouquet Of 3 Stems Of White Lilies, 7 Stems Of White Roses, 7 Stems Of Pink Roses, 7 Stems Of Peach Color Roses With Euclyptus Leaf And Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping With Hersheys Nuggets Milk Chocolate 40g And 12 Inch Teddy.
25 Red Roses in Heart Box Buy Now

25 Red Roses In Heart Box

Rp 1062500 / $ 65.88
Passionate Love Is Often Deep And Intense, Much Like This Intense Red Arrangement Of Roses, Arranged In An Elegant Light Pink Heart Shaped Box. 50 Red Roses Signify Faith And Faithfulness In The Significant Other. What Better Way To Say Your Love Is Here To Stay Forever
Free Chocolate
Pink Bouquet Buy Now

Pink Bouquet

Rp 562500 / $ 34.88
Bunch Of 20 Stems Of Pink Roses With Seasonal Fillers And Beautifully Wrapped In Wrapping Paper.
Two tonned love Buy Now

Two Tonned Love

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Bouquet Of 12 Stems Of Mix Pink Roses, Two-toned Pink Roses & White Roses Along With Green Fillers In Nice Wrapping
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