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Sending flowers in a vase to your loved ones besides being a declaration of ardor is also a very thoughtful gesture. Everybody wants to be adored and pampered by the people who matter the most to them. Receiving the flowers is a sure shot sign that the person you care about the most is also thinking about you continuously, be it day or night. Put a smile on the face of your loved one with flowers in a vase online in Indonesia from Probunga. We have various arrangements of flowers in glass vases delivered the same day all across Indonesia.

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Magic Of White Buy Now

Magic Of White

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Bouquet Of 5 Stems Of White Lilies . Each Stems Has 2-3 Flowers .
For Her Buy Now

For Her

Rp 3125000 / $ 193.75
They Unlock Your Every Emotion. They Will Always Make Your Heart Skip A Beat. Offer Your Heartfelt Love With An Abundance Of Our Finest Roses. Bunch With 80 Stems Of Pink And Purple Roses
Vivid Love Buy Now

Vivid Love

Rp 725000 / $ 44.95
Nothing Speaks Of Love So Much As A Bouquet Of Beautiful Red Roses. 16 Red Roses Arranged With Seeded Eucalyptus In A Glass Vase, This Arrangement Is A Gift To Her Heart From Yours.
Luxury Buy Now


Rp 1162500 / $ 72.08
Bunch Of 21 Stems Of Red & Pink Roses With Greens In Nice Wrapping ( Vase Not Included )
Fondly Buy Now


Rp 755000 / $ 46.81
Express Your Feelings Of Love, Care, And Devotion With A Beautiful Presentation Of 18 Red Roses, Florist-arranged In A Clear Glass Vase. Send This Gift And Leave No Doubt That They Are Loved.
Glowing Glory Buy Now

Glowing Glory

Rp 615000 / $ 38.13
Their Beauty Lights Up The Room -- Return The Favor With Our Vibrant Bouquet Of Twenty Gorgeous Multicolored Roses, In All The Colors They Love. Bunch With Twenty Stems Of Red , Yellow , Orange , White & Pink Roses , With Greens
Bright Red Buy Now

Bright Red

Rp 537500 / $ 33.33
12 Red Roses In A Glass Vase
Three in One Buy Now

Three In One

Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
3 White Gerberas, 3 Pink Gerberas & 3 Orange Gerberas In A Glass Vase Truly Brighten Any Day And Provide A Ray Of Optimism Every Time You Take A Glance.
Red Beauty Buy Now

Red Beauty

Rp 2750000 / $ 170.50
Show The Darling Of Your Life Just How Much You Care By Sending This Roses Bonanza Consisting Of 100 Sensational Red Roses. Bunch Of 100 Stems Of Red Roses
Shine Of Love Buy Now

Shine Of Love

Rp 1245000 / $ 77.19
Lovely Reds And Pinks Come Together In This Lavishly Romantic Anniversary Gift. Sweetly Sentimental, This Combination Of Colors And Flowers Is A Delightfully Fresh Way To Say I Love You.
Titanic Pink Buy Now

Titanic Pink

Rp 1687500 / $ 104.63
A Beautiful Arrangement Of 50 Pink Roses Is A Glass Vase.
Sweet Surprise Buy Now

Sweet Surprise

Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
Someone Receiving This Bunch Of 10 Stems Of Pink And White Gerberas! Its So Bright And Full Of Warmth, Its Guaranteed To Make Them Smile. Product Comes In Nice Wrapping Bouquet.
Golden Glory Buy Now

Golden Glory

Rp 1500000 / $ 93.00
There's No Doubt Who The Most Special Person In Your Life Is When You Send Four Dozen Premium Long-stem Assorted Roses Or 50 Premium Long-stem Assorted Roses! Bunch With 50 Stems Of Mixed Roses
Passionate Buy Now


Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
Send Our Summer Collection Of 10 Freshly Cut Pink Roses. This Bouquet Awaits A Perfect Smile And Sends A Message Love Is In The Air. Bunch With 10 Stems Of Pink Roses With Greens & Gypsophelia
Love Roses 6 Buy Now

Love Roses 6

Rp 345000 / $ 21.39
Nothing Speaks Of Love So Much As A Bouquet Of Beautiful 6 Long Stem Red Roses. Arranged In A Classic Glass Vase, This Bouquet Is A Gift To Her Heart From Yours.
Brillent Shine Buy Now

Brillent Shine

Rp 1750000 / $ 108.50
Bunch Of 60 Yellow Roses Nicely Wrapped, To Charm Your Loved Ones.
Oriental Love Buy Now

Oriental Love

Rp 1750000 / $ 108.50
10 Pink Oriental Lilies In A Glass Vase
Medley Love Buy Now

Medley Love

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Rose Medley By Name And A Veritable Medley Of Red Roses By Nature. Containing 30 Red Roses In A Nice Wrapping (vase Not Included).
Dedication Buy Now


Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Bunch Of 10 Pink Roses And 3 Pink Lilies ( Vase Not Included)
Enchantment Buy Now


Rp 3625000 / $ 224.75
One Hundred And Fifty Red Roses Bunch With Fillers And Greens
Symbolizes Purity Buy Now

Symbolizes Purity

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
5 Stems Of White Lilies Arranged In A Glass Vase
Everlasting Love Rose Buy Now

Everlasting Love Rose

Rp 825000 / $ 51.15
Nothing Says “I Love You" More Than The Deep Passion Found Within Red Roses. A Heartfelt Collection Of 20 Red Roses Blooms Sits Among An Array Of Assorted Green, Placed In A Glass Vase.
10 Sunflower In A Vase Buy Now

10 Sunflower In A Vase

Rp 487500 / $ 30.23
Nothing Says SMILE Like Sunflowers. With Their Golden Rays, They Bring Warmth To Any Occasion. Say "Happy Birthday, Get Well, Or I Love You" With This Beautiful Arrangement Of 10 Bright Yellow Sunflowers.
Dazzling Roses Buy Now

Dazzling Roses

Rp 612500 / $ 37.98
Enjoy The Beauty Of Roses Without The Frills. These Long Stemmed Holland Variety Orange Roses..
Marvelous Buy Now


Rp 975500 / $ 60.48
A Beautiful Bunch Of 20 Handpicked Purple Orchid Stems In A Vase
24 White Beauty Buy Now

24 White Beauty

Rp 1062500 / $ 65.88
Simply In White, Treat Someone To A Bunch Of Beautiful Roses.
Someone Special Buy Now

Someone Special

Rp 537500 / $ 33.33
So Sweet, So Pretty, So Perfect For That Special Someone In Your Life. She Will Love These Classic Red Roses, Beautifully Arranged In A Elegant Clear Vase.
Pure Life Buy Now

Pure Life

Rp 537500 / $ 33.33
So Elegant, So Pure, So Perfect For That Special Someone In Your Life. She Will Love These Snowy White Roses, Beautifully Arranged In A Elegant Clear Vase.
12 Light Pink Roses Buy Now

12 Light Pink Roses

Rp 537500 / $ 33.33
The Perfectly Pink Rose Is A Symbolic Expression Of Gratitude, Grace And Appreciation. A Dozen Of Our Finest Pink Roses Arrive With A Clear Glass Vase To Form A Traditional Bouquet That Creates An Ideal Gift For Any Occasion Throughout The Year.
Pure Expression Buy Now

Pure Expression

Rp 1750000 / $ 108.50
This Sweet Arrangement Is An Expression Of Your Pure Love And Affection. White Lilies Are Accented With Some Green Fillers And Arranged In A Clear Glass Vase. Send It For Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Or Just Because You Care.
Assorted Tulips Buy Now

Assorted Tulips

Rp 1070000 / $ 66.34
20 Stem Of Assorted Color Tulips Nicely Arranged In A Clear Glass Vase. *only Available In Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi Dan Bali
Delightful Calla Buy Now

Delightful Calla

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
A Delightful Arrangement Of 3 Stem White Calla Lily. Arranged In A Clear Glass Vase.
Stunning Orange Lilies Buy Now

Stunning Orange Lilies

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Let These 5 Stem Stunning Orange Lilies Manifest Your Feelings That Are Left Unexpressed.
Sweet Kiss Buy Now

Sweet Kiss

Rp 877500 / $ 54.41
Send Your Sweetest Kiss Through This Arrangement Of 10 Red Tulips In A Clear Glass Vase. *only Available In Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi Dan Bali
Womens Desire Buy Now

Womens Desire

Rp 812500 / $ 50.38
12 Mixed Colored Roses And Exciting White Lilies Go Hand In Hand In This Hot Color Combination Arrangement.
Stargazers Fresh Flower Buy Now

Stargazers Fresh Flower

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Delight Someone Special With "Stargazers" Pink Lily Bouquet. This Bouquet Includes 5 Stargazer Lilies And Greens.
Brighten Up Buy Now

Brighten Up

Rp 687500 / $ 42.63
An Elegant Arrangement Of Yellow Gerbera , Roses , Mums And Sun Flower. This Bunch Will Surely Brighten Up Her Day.
Yellow Tulips Buy Now

Yellow Tulips

Rp 877500 / $ 54.41
There Is No Flower That Fits More Occasions Than The Yellow Tulip. Its Graceful Blooms Imbue Any Space With A Feeling Of Serenity And Elegance. Vase With 10 Stem Of Yellow Tulips. *only Available In Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi Dan Bali
6 Love Roses Buy Now

6 Love Roses

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Nothing Speaks Of Love So Much As A Bouquet Of Beautiful 6 Long Stem Red Roses. Arranged In A Classic Glass Vase, This Bouquet Is A Gift To Her Heart From Yours.
Exotic Anthuriums Buy Now

Exotic Anthuriums

Rp 287500 / $ 17.83
This Exotic Simple Tied Anthurium And Foliage Arrangement Will Complement The Modern Home Or Office
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