Send Flowers That Say “I Miss You” To Your Loved Ones

The long-distance and the pandemic have made people stay away from each other for a long time. Social media has allowed people to find love in distant cities. But you cannot express love properly when you are two thousand miles apart. And we all know that flowers are the best way to express how much you miss someone. We have brought you several options along with fast delivery as quick as the same day. You can give online flower bouquets to someone you have been dying to see and let them know how much you think of them. Flowers are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Christmas or Thanksgiving; what have you. 

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Charming Blue Buy Now

Charming Blue

Rp 995000 / $ 61.69
This Bouquet Of Blue And White Exudes Peacefulness And Is The Perfect Way To Send Warm Thoughts . 10 Blue Roses, 10 White Poms With The Filler Of Baby Breath In A Wrap.
Light Pink Beauty Buy Now

Light Pink Beauty

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
This Bouquet Will Arrive To Your Recipients Doorstep And Take Their Breath Away! 10 Pink Roses, 10 Pink Poms With Pink Fillers In A Wrap.
99 Dreamy Pink Rose Buy Now

99 Dreamy Pink Rose

Rp 2750000 / $ 170.50
For When You Seriously Want To Impress, Our Gigantic Bouquet Of 99 Pink Roses Is The Ticket. Starring A Combination Of Soft Pink And Beautiful Blush Pink Long Stem Roses, This Is The Bunch When You Are Wanting To Shout Your Adoration. Whether It`s A Very Special Birthday Gift, An Anniversary Or Simply A Declaration Of Love.
Free Chocolate
Cotton Candy Buy Now

Cotton Candy

Rp 425000 / $ 26.35
So Many Fabulous Options To Make Someone`s Day Extra Special. Send This Gorgeous Arrangement Of 10 Fresh Pink Roses With Baby’s Breath.
Soft Touch Buy Now

Soft Touch

Rp 755000 / $ 46.81
This Delicate Flowers Arrangement Is An Eye-catching Array Of Beautiful Blooms. 8 Pink Roses, 8 Pink Poms And White Poms With Fillers In A Nice Wrap.
Perfect Pink Buy Now

Perfect Pink

Rp 1375000 / $ 85.25
If You Know Someone Who Loves Pink, They Will Surely Smile. Lovely Wrapped Bouquet Of 5 Stems Of Pink Lilies, 10 White Roses With 10 Pink Carnations, Assorted Greenery And Matching Pink Bow.
Enchant Buy Now


Rp 815000 / $ 50.53
This Enchanting Bouquet Of 10 Pink Tulips Mixed With Baby’s Breath And Complementary Greens, Will Certainly Captivate, Whatever The Occasion May Be.*only Available In Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi Dan Bali
Whisper Soft Buy Now

Whisper Soft

Rp 775000 / $ 48.05
Its Blooms May Be Whisper-soft, But This Bouquet Proclaims Your Love Loud And Proud! What A Lovely Way To Spoil Someone Special.This Angelic Bouquet Includes 10 White Roses And 10 Soft Pink Carnations.
You Are Special Buy Now

You Are Special

Rp 675000 / $ 41.85
A Playful Combination Of Three Red Roses With Babys Breath Plus A Plush Teddy Bear And Delicious Chocolates. Go Ahead... Be Romantic.
Sweeter Than Ever Buy Now

Sweeter Than Ever

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
This Lovely Combination Is Set To Create A Wonderful Impression. Bouquet Of 6 Red Roses With 15 Cm Teddy Bear & 24 Pcs Ferrero Rocher.
All My Love Buy Now

All My Love

Rp 1255000 / $ 77.81
Express Your Love Affectionately With This Perfect Combination Of 10 Red Roses With Fillers Arranged In A Vase, 30 Cm Teddy Bear And “I Love You” Balloon.
Be My Love Buy Now

Be My Love

Rp 995000 / $ 61.69
A Dozen Of Red Roses With Baby Breath Bouquet Combine With A Lovely Teddy Bear. Happy Romance!
Hug Me Buy Now

Hug Me

Rp 1295000 / $ 80.29
Show How Much You Love Her By Send This Sweet Combination Of A Dozen Red Roses In A Box With 30 Cm Teddy Bear And “I Love You” Balloon.
Dance With Me Buy Now

Dance With Me

Rp 995000 / $ 61.69
Theres A Special Someone At The Top Of Your Dance Card – Who Brings Laughter And Joy To Your Heart Every Day! Express Your Love With This 15 Red Roses Bouquet Along With 30 Cm Teddy Bear.
Baby Be Mine Buy Now

Baby Be Mine

Rp 1695000 / $ 105.09
Demonstrate Your Deep Affection And Lasting Love With This 25 Red Roses In An Acrylic Box PLUS 60 Cm Teddy Bear.
Lovelight Buy Now


Rp 1385000 / $ 85.87
The Look Of Love Plus The Scent Of Love. Send This Lovely Arrangement, Feature 25 Red Roses With Baby’s Breath In A Vase.
Soft and Pretty Buy Now

Soft And Pretty

Rp 2995000 / $ 185.69
Tickle Her Fancy With This Super-pretty Bouquet, Arranged By 100 Gorgeous Pink Roses With A Cute 30 Cm Teddy Bear. Shell Love You For It!
Lots Of Hug Buy Now

Lots Of Hug

Rp 1785000 / $ 110.67
Set Of 5 Teddy Bear With 10 Pink Carnations Bouquet (the Size Will Be 30 Cm : 3 Pcs, 15 Cm: 2 Pcs).
Sweet Romantic Buy Now

Sweet Romantic

Rp 1067500 / $ 66.19
Romantic As Can Be, The Mix Of 15 Carnations In Color Red, Pink And White Beautifully Arranged In A Wrap, With A Box Of 16 Pcs Of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.
Pleasing Pink Buy Now

Pleasing Pink

Rp 895000 / $ 55.49
Send Someone Special A Sparkling Token Of Your Affection With The Combination Of Two Cadbury Silk (60 Gm Each) And 10 Gorgeous Pink Roses In A Wrap.
Dreaming in Red Buy Now

Dreaming In Red

Rp 687500 / $ 42.63
Show Her Your Affectionate Devotion With This Delicate Arrangement Of 8 Red Roses With Greenery And A Heart-shaped Balloon.
Softly Sweetly Buy Now

Softly Sweetly

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
A Lovely Bear Arranged With 3 Pcs Chocolate And 12 White Roses With Greenery And Baby’s Breath As The Filler. Will Touch Her Heart Softly.
Pretty Roses Buy Now

Pretty Roses

Rp 687500 / $ 42.63
A Loving And Affordable Gift! A Lovely Bouquet Of 8 Pink Roses With Greenery And A Heart-shaped Balloon.
Rose Harmony Buy Now

Rose Harmony

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Combination Of 3 White Roses And A Heart-shaped Balloon With Greenery In A Lovely Wrap.
Lullaby Buy Now


Rp 495000 / $ 30.69
3 Red Roses Perfectly Presented In A Vase, Send Along With A 15 Cm Teddy Bear. Its An Any-occasion Surprise Theyll Never Forget!
Always A Lady Buy Now

Always A Lady

Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
Elegant 6 Red Roses Are Hand-arranged With Greens. Its The Perfect Way To Show You Love Her Always And Forever.
Fondest Memories Buy Now

Fondest Memories

Rp 1385000 / $ 85.87
Pay Tribute To Fond Memories With This Arrangement Of A Single White Rose Surrounded By 8 Red Roses With 16 Pcs Of Chocolate In A Box. *Only For Jadetabek (Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) Area.
Bundle of Joy Buy Now

Bundle Of Joy

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
Sweetly Sophisticated, This Combination Of A Dozen Red Roses Bouquet, Cuddly 30 Cm Teddy Bear, And 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Is The Perfect Gift.
Expressions Of Love Buy Now

Expressions Of Love

Rp 995000 / $ 61.69
Show Your Love With This Beautiful Combination Of 11 Pink Roses And Filler In Wrap, Send Along With A Box Of 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolate.
Pink-Notion Buy Now


Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Rp 450000 / $ 27.90
Pink Roses Say Love In Such A Pretty Way. A Lovely 12 Pink Roses Arranged In A Wrap.
hot offerr
Red Me Buy Now

Red Me

Rp 375000 / $ 23.25
A Delicate 11 Red Roses Arranged In A Wrap.
Meaningful Buy Now


Rp 925000 / $ 57.35
20 Red And White Roses In A Box.
Pleasing You Buy Now

Pleasing You

Rp 1745000 / $ 108.19
These Luxurious 50 Pink And White Roses Are Poised To Please! Perfectly Presented In A Wrap, Its An Any-occasion Surprise Theyll Never Forget!
Lucky In Lavender Buy Now

Lucky In Lavender

Rp 1075000 / $ 66.65
Get Love With These Stunning Purple Roses Arrangement! 25 Purple Roses Presented In A Round Box. Simply Captivating!
Everlast Buy Now


Rp 1375000 / $ 85.25
Relive The Romance And Passion Of Your Special Day With This Exciting Arrangement Of 40 Red Roses With 9 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate In A Round Box.
Heart of Love Buy Now

Heart Of Love

Rp 1255000 / $ 77.81
Expressive Arrangement Of 40 Red Roses In A Heart-shaped Box
Special Love Buy Now

Special Love

Rp 1795000 / $ 111.29
Show Your Special Love Today With A Special Arrangement Of 50 Red And White Roses In A Bouquet.
Deluxe Romance Buy Now

Deluxe Romance

Rp 2625000 / $ 162.75
A Gorgeous Arrangement Of 99 Red Roses In A Wrap
Rose Garden Buy Now

Rose Garden

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
Truly This Is A Thriving Rose Garden! 20 Red Roses With Baby’s Breath And Greenery In A Round Box.
Fabulous Buy Now


Rp 19950000 / $ 1236.90
Rp 29950000 / $ 1856.90
A Fabulously Divine Way To Declare Your Love, Fantastic Bouquet Of 1000 Roses
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