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Some events call for luxurious flower arrangements that exude grandeur and impress everyone who lays their eyes on it. You might have been invited to your best friend's wedding, or you might be trying to impress your partner. We have the perfect collection of unique and luxurious bouquets for every situation. Our online flower delivery team will ensure that your order of premium flower bouquets gets delivered on time, smelling as fresh as ever! Choose from our exciting range of luxury flowers for your loved ones and make them feel special with the same-day delivery of flowers online from Probunga.

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5 Dozen Red Rose Bouquet Buy Now

5 Dozen Red Rose Bouquet

Rp 1750000 / $ 108.50
Truly A Maddening Arrangement Of 5 Dozen Red Roses With Very Soft Net Bringing Love Right From The Depth Of Your Heart.
20 White callalily in a vase Buy Now

20 White Callalily In A Vase

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Create Peace And Serene Simplicity In Their Life With The Beauty And Sophistication Of Our Gorgeous 20 Stem White Calla Lilies.
Breathtaking 50 Buy Now

Breathtaking 50

Rp 1625000 / $ 100.75
It Isn't Just The Beauty Of This Sumptuous Bouquet That Will Impress, But The Skill And Care That's Gone Into Creating It. Featuring 50 Large-headed Red Roses Hand-tied Finished With Gift Wrap And Ribbon.
Passion roses Buy Now

Passion Roses

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Bunch Of 25 Light Pink Roses With Seasonal Fillers And Beautifully Wrapped In Black Wrapping Paper And Tied With Pink Ribbon.
Ostentatious Buy Now


Rp 2375000 / $ 147.25
This Is Simple Yet Elegant Arrangement Of 50 Mixed Colored Tulips Bouquet. *only Available In Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi Dan Bali
Enlightened Love Buy Now

Enlightened Love

Rp 2500000 / $ 155.00
Send 100 Long-stemmed Roses And Make Someone Swoon. Our Fancy Long-stemmed Roses Are Paired With Small Green Leaves For An Updated Look And Feel In A Lavish Bouquet That Immediately Transforms Any Day Into Valentine's Day.
Pure Expression Buy Now

Pure Expression

Rp 1750000 / $ 108.50
This Sweet Arrangement Is An Expression Of Your Pure Love And Affection. White Lilies Are Accented With Some Green Fillers And Arranged In A Clear Glass Vase. Send It For Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Or Just Because You Care.
Golden Glory Buy Now

Golden Glory

Rp 1500000 / $ 93.00
There's No Doubt Who The Most Special Person In Your Life Is When You Send Four Dozen Premium Long-stem Assorted Roses Or 50 Premium Long-stem Assorted Roses! Bunch With 50 Stems Of Mixed Roses
Flame Buy Now


Rp 912500 / $ 56.58
20 Red Roses Arranged In A Box (color Of The Box May Vary According To Availability)
Private Party Buy Now

Private Party

Rp 1750000 / $ 108.50
Nothing Goes Together Quite Like Roses And Love Bunch Of Sixty Red Roses With Seasonal Fillers Wrapped In Net
Stunning Orange Lilies Buy Now

Stunning Orange Lilies

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Let These 5 Stem Stunning Orange Lilies Manifest Your Feelings That Are Left Unexpressed.
I Love Her Buy Now

I Love Her

Rp 3737500 / $ 231.73
The Classic Romance Of 150 Red Roses Can Say So Many Things, From I Love You!
Abundant Gesture Buy Now

Abundant Gesture

Rp 1875000 / $ 116.25
Make A Grand Gesture. This Lavish Pack Of Luxurious Red And Pretty Pink Roses Will Spread Your Emphatic Emotion Of Love Around Your Loved Ones. An Abundant Pack Of Red Roses Orbited By A Lavish Pack Of Pink Roses Will Raise The Tempo Of Love At Your Special Occasion.
Truly Magnificent Buy Now

Truly Magnificent

Rp 1650000 / $ 102.30
This Really Is The Ultimate Romantic's Gift - A Truly Magnificent Display Of 51 Red Roses. This Luxuriously Rich And Sumptuous Bouquet Of The Finest Red Roses Is Interspersed Throughout To Create The Most Amazing Romantic Gift For Your True Love.
Roses Bouquet Buy Now

Roses Bouquet

Rp 1225000 / $ 75.95
Bunch Of 12 Red Roses, 10 White Roses, 10 Pink Roses, 6 Peach Roses With Eucalyptus Leaves And Beautifully Wrapped In Wrapping Paper.
Passion Love Buy Now

Passion Love

Rp 2500000 / $ 155.00
This Bunch Consists Of One Hundred Stems Of Pink Roses. This Is Best Given As A Token Of Your Love Start.
Free Chocolate
Shine Of Love Buy Now

Shine Of Love

Rp 1245000 / $ 77.19
Lovely Reds And Pinks Come Together In This Lavishly Romantic Anniversary Gift. Sweetly Sentimental, This Combination Of Colors And Flowers Is A Delightfully Fresh Way To Say I Love You.
25 Red Roses in Heart Box Buy Now

25 Red Roses In Heart Box

Rp 1062500 / $ 65.88
Passionate Love Is Often Deep And Intense, Much Like This Intense Red Arrangement Of Roses, Arranged In An Elegant Light Pink Heart Shaped Box. 50 Red Roses Signify Faith And Faithfulness In The Significant Other. What Better Way To Say Your Love Is Here To Stay Forever
Free Chocolate
Assorted Tulips Buy Now

Assorted Tulips

Rp 1070000 / $ 66.34
20 Stem Of Assorted Color Tulips Nicely Arranged In A Clear Glass Vase. *only Available In Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi Dan Bali
Blooming Love Buy Now

Blooming Love

Rp 2487500 / $ 154.23
Send This Bouquet Of Hand Tied Fresh Roses For Any Occasion! Ready To Be Popped Into A Vase, This Bouquet Is Guaranteed To Delight Anyone Who Receives It!99 Stalks Of Red Roses With Lots Of Baby Breath.
Double Happiness Buy Now

Double Happiness

Rp 1500000 / $ 93.00
50 Red Roses Wrapped In Black Plastic Sheet Tied With Red Ribbon Bow.
Express Feelings Buy Now

Express Feelings

Rp 1625000 / $ 100.75
This Classic White Rose Arrangement Is A Stunning Way To Let That Special Someone Know How You Feel. Inspired By A Romantic Night Sky, It's A Dazzling Way To Pay Homage To Your Years Together.Bunch Of 60 Stems Of White Roses With Gypsophelia And Greens.
Rainbow Of Love Buy Now

Rainbow Of Love

Rp 1875000 / $ 116.25
Send This Magnificently, Glamorous Bouquet Of Sensational, And Premium Long Stem, Mix Roses And Leave Your Special Someone Feeling Like A Superstar. Bunch Of 70 Mixed Roses
Pink Roses In Heart Box Buy Now

Pink Roses In Heart Box

Rp 1875000 / $ 116.25
A Floral Arrangement Comprising Pink Roses For Your Most Lovely Occasion. Tucked Into Pretty Rows Inside In A Classy Heart Shape Gift Box. 60 Stems Of Pink Roses With Fillers In A Heart Shape Box.
Free Chocolate
Symbolizes Purity Buy Now

Symbolizes Purity

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
5 Stems Of White Lilies Arranged In A Glass Vase
Purple White Dream Buy Now

Purple White Dream

Rp 1350000 / $ 83.70
This Bouquet Sets A Fire In Anyone's Heart. There Is No Flower That Expresses True Love As Timelessly And As Perfectly As This Bouquet.
Classic Heart 150 Buy Now

Classic Heart 150

Rp 4037500 / $ 250.33
Send This Classical Heart Shape Arrangement Of 150 Red And White Roses For Your Sweet Heart To Make Them Special.
36 Mixed Roses Buy Now

36 Mixed Roses

Rp 1000000 / $ 62.00
36 Mixed Roses Of Red, Pink, Orange & Yellow Roses With Greens In A Glass Vase
Bunch of  love Buy Now

Bunch Of Love

Rp 1625000 / $ 100.75
Send This Magnificently, Glamorous Bouquet Of Sensational, And Premium Long Stem, 50 Mix Roses And Leave Your Special Someone Feeling Like A Superstar.
Luxury White 50 Buy Now

Luxury White 50

Rp 1785000 / $ 110.67
50 White Roses Are A Traditional And Gorgeous Way To Display Complete Devotion. Single Tone Flowers In A Heart Shaped Grey Box Are Such A Sight Of Natural Luxury, It Can Be Perfect For Personal Décor, For Gifting Or To Order In To Celebrate An Occasion. ( Box Color May Differ)
Elegant Bouquet Buy Now

Elegant Bouquet

Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
Our “Graceful Expressions” Flower Arrangement Is Designed Using 12 Red And 12 Pink Roses Accented With Lush White Gypsophila. If You Want To Send A Flower Arrangement Blooming In Eye-catching Color This Is The One! This Beautifully Mixed Flower Arrangement Is Set To Impress.
Red & Peach Roses Buy Now

Red & Peach Roses

Rp 1625000 / $ 100.75
25 Red And 25 Peach Color Roses Along With Greenery Wrapped Around With Gift Paper.
Splendid Beauty Buy Now

Splendid Beauty

Rp 1200000 / $ 74.40
Show The Darling Of Your Life Just How Much You Care By Sending This Roses Bonanza Consisting Of Forty Sensational Red Roses.
Bunch of  love Buy Now

Bunch Of Love

Rp 1500000 / $ 93.00
Send This Magnificently, Glamorous Bouquet Of Sensational, And Premium Long Stem, 50 Mix Roses And Leave Your Special Someone Feeling Like A Superstar.
Blush Red Buy Now

Blush Red

Rp 877500 / $ 54.41
Beautiful And "simply Said" Red Tulips Are A Hip Way To Show You Care. Ten Romantic Red Tulips Arranged In A Clear Glass Vase.
Red Beauty Buy Now

Red Beauty

Rp 2750000 / $ 170.50
Show The Darling Of Your Life Just How Much You Care By Sending This Roses Bonanza Consisting Of 100 Sensational Red Roses. Bunch Of 100 Stems Of Red Roses
Red Tower Buy Now

Red Tower

Rp 1287500 / $ 79.83
Celebrate Your Love For A Special Someone With A Classic Bouquet Of Red Roses. Red Roses Carry The Deep Meaning Of Love And Affection, The Perfect Symbol Of How Much Someone Means To You Today.
Floral Love Bouquet Buy Now

Floral Love Bouquet

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Bunch Of 12 Stems Of Pink Roses And 12 Stems Of White Roses With Eucalyptus Leaves Fillers Beautifully Wrapped In Wrapping Paper.
100 Pink Roses Buy Now

100 Pink Roses

Rp 2500000 / $ 155.00
Bouquet Of 100 Pink Roses In Nice Paper Wrapping
Emotions Buy Now


Rp 1200000 / $ 74.40
If You're Looking For An Instant Way To Get Your Beloved To Open Her Heart To You, Send This Bunch Of Forty Long Stem Roses Wrapped With Cellophine.
Free Chocolate
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