Purple Passion Buy Now

Purple Passion

Rp 612500 / $ 37.98
Bunch Of 10 Purple Orchids In Nice Wrapping Hand Tied With A Ribbon
Magic Of White Buy Now

Magic Of White

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Bouquet Of 5 Stems Of White Lilies . Each Stems Has 2-3 Flowers .
Glowing Glory Buy Now

Glowing Glory

Rp 615000 / $ 38.13
Their Beauty Lights Up The Room -- Return The Favor With Our Vibrant Bouquet Of Twenty Gorgeous Multicolored Roses, In All The Colors They Love. Bunch With Twenty Stems Of Red , Yellow , Orange , White & Pink Roses , With Greens
Expression Pink Buy Now

Expression Pink

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
A Delicately Wrapped, Hand-bunch Of Twenty Gorgeous Pink Roses With Green Leaf And Knot It With Pink Lace Make It Perfect.
Fresh Start Buy Now

Fresh Start

Rp 620000 / $ 38.44
The Stunning Bouquet Of Twenty Stem Red Roses Is An Expression Of Love And Affection They''ll Always Remember About This Fresh Start. Round Bouquet Of 20 Red Roses.
My Desire Flowers Buy Now

My Desire Flowers

Rp 750000 / $ 46.50
The Bouquet Comes With 8 Pink Roses, And Two Stems ( Five Flowers ) Of Pink Lilies Brings Out The Best Of The Pinks!! The Color Also Suggests A Sense Of Sophistication And Beauty Which Is The Right Compliment For Anyone You Adore!
Love In Air Buy Now

Love In Air

Rp 620000 / $ 38.44
A True Representation Of Passion, This Bouquet Expresses Your Feelings In A Way That Words Cannot, And Is Sure To Make That Special Person In Your Life Feel Appreciated, Cared For, And Above All- Loved. Bunch Of 20 Yellow Roses
Ocean Love Buy Now

Ocean Love

Rp 612500 / $ 37.98
A Beautiful Bunch Of Ten Purple Orchids, To Cast Magic Spell On Your Loved Ones.
Freshness Of White Buy Now

Freshness Of White

Rp 612500 / $ 37.98
Comes Summer And These Are One Of Our Bestsellers. Beautiful As It Looks, There Is No Better Style And Simplicity Together Like These 10 Oriental Orchids Bouquet. Try And Fall In Love. Bunch Of 10 White Orchids
Golden Valley Buy Now

Golden Valley

Rp 750000 / $ 46.50
Rp 800000 / $ 49.60
These Gorgeous 5 Stems Of Yellow Lilies Are The Centerpiece But Accents Of Seasonal Crisp Greens Provide The Perfect Balance For The Lilies To Bask In!
hot offerr
Thinking of  You Buy Now

Thinking Of You

Rp 750000 / $ 46.50
Our Thinking Of You Bouquet Is Shipped In Bud Form, As Most All Lilies Are. Here's Why This Is A Good Thing: Watching These Five Stems ( Approx 15 Flowers ) Open Over The Course Of A Few Days Is A Gift In Itself.
You Are Perfect Buy Now

You Are Perfect

Rp 620000 / $ 38.44
Send This Exotic Bunch Of 20 Fresh Red Roses With Seasonal Fillers. The Exclusive Packaging Makes Wonder To This Ever Special Bouquet.
Medley Love Buy Now

Medley Love

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Rose Medley By Name And A Veritable Medley Of Red Roses By Nature. Containing 30 Red Roses In A Nice Wrapping (vase Not Included).
Cute Buy Now


Rp 620000 / $ 38.44
Gorgeous And Timeless Pink Roses Delivered To Your Loved One In A Beautiful Presentation That Makes This The Ideal Gesture To Show Your Love And Affection.
Love Beary Buy Now

Love Beary

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Bunch Of 20 White Carnations
Supernova Red Buy Now

Supernova Red

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Thirty Red Carnations Represent Eternal Love.True To Its Name These Thirty Carnations Represent Untouched Beauty Of A Budding Flower.
Modern Beauty Buy Now

Modern Beauty

Rp 750000 / $ 46.50
Bunch Of 24 Stems Of Orange Roses
Chocolate Indulgence Buy Now

Chocolate Indulgence

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Chocolate Indulgence Is Made Up Of Three Layers Of Rich And Moist Pound Chocolate Cake With Two Layers Of Chocolate Mousse Filling Infused With Chocolate Bits.
Snuggle Buy Now


Rp 675000 / $ 41.85
Send This Awesome Combo Of 10 Red Roses With A Huggable Teddy Of 15 Inches (approx). Color Of The Teddy Can Change To Cream Or Brown Depending On The Availability Of The Color.
Friendship Day Special Buy Now

Friendship Day Special

Rp 712500 / $ 44.18
Bunch Of 10 Yellow Roses , 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Box & 6 Inches Teddy (color Of The Teddy Can Change To Cream Or Brown Depending On The Availability Of The Color)
Heart of Gold Buy Now

Heart Of Gold

Rp 715000 / $ 44.33
Bunch Of 10Red Roses & 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher
Sweety Combo Buy Now

Sweety Combo

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Bunch Of 10 Red Carnations & 3 Bars Of Cadbury Dairy Milk
Mixed Roses & Teddy Buy Now

Mixed Roses & Teddy

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Basket Of 20 Mixed Roses & 12 Inches Teddy (Color Of The Teddy Can Change To Cream, White Or Brown Depending On The Availability Of The Color)
Fruity Cake Buy Now

Fruity Cake

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Flavored Chiffon Cake Iced With Butter Cream Icing And Adorned With Festive Fruity Chocolate Decors.
SunKiss Roses Buy Now

SunKiss Roses

Rp 745000 / $ 46.19
Nothing Goes Together Quite Like Roses And Love Bunch Of 20 Orange Roses With Seasonal Fillers Wrapped With A Orange Ribbon Bow. 20 Stems Of Orange Roses In A Glass Vase
With Love Buy Now

With Love

Rp 750000 / $ 46.50
An Exotic Bouquet Of Lilies To Express Yourself With Flower Freshness. An Extreme Lily Arrangement With Total 5 Stems In Lovely Designer Vase. Bunch With 5 Stems Of White & Yellow Lilies
Roses Combo Buy Now

Roses Combo

Rp 630000 / $ 39.06
Bunch Of 12 Red Roses & 3 Bars Of Cadbury
Dedication Buy Now


Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Bunch Of 10 Pink Roses And 3 Pink Lilies ( Vase Not Included)
Pure Love Buy Now

Pure Love

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Whether You're Looking To Get The Attention Of A Certain Someone Or Letting Her Know She's The One, You Can?t Go Wrong With A Classic. Bunch 30 Premium Long-stem Red Roses
Roses Love Buy Now

Roses Love

Rp 620000 / $ 38.44
Bunch Of 20 Red And Yellow Colour Roses In Paper Packing ( Vase Not Included )
Rose Affection Buy Now

Rose Affection

Rp 712500 / $ 44.18
Bunch Of 15 Yellow Roses & Box Of 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolate.
Crush Buy Now


Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
This Beautiful Love's Divine Flower Arrangement Of Red And White Roses � Accented With Frilly White Queen Anne's Lace, Is A Timeless Gift For Your Beloved. Bunch Of 18 Red Roses & 3 White Roses With 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box
Coral Buy Now


Rp 687500 / $ 42.63
These Roses Can Sometimes Say More Than Thousand Words. When We Want To Express Our True Feelings In A Personal Manner. Bunch Of 15 Orange Roses Along With 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Box
Vogue Buy Now


Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
A Beautiful Bunch Of 10 Purple Orchids, To Cast Magic Spell On Your Loved Ones. Bunch Of 10 Purple Orchids Along With 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Box
Symbolizes Purity Buy Now

Symbolizes Purity

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
5 Stems Of White Lilies Arranged In A Glass Vase
Yellow - Time-Honored Buy Now

Yellow - Time-Honored

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Yellow Roses -- A Time-honored Tradition That Exudes Love And Beauty With Every Striking Stem. It Expresses True Love And Your Feelings To Your Special One And Gives An Elegant Smile On The Special One's Face. The Bunch Of Tremendous 30 Yellow Roses With Lots Of Seasonal Fillers, Gives Your Special One A Charming Feel Which Is Absolutely Amazing. So Just Grab This Present And Get Their Smile!
Romantic Buy Now


Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
Bunch Of 30 Red Roses With Seasonal Fillers Wrapped In Red Wrapping Paper.
Carnation Cadbury Combos Buy Now

Carnation Cadbury Combos

Rp 887500 / $ 55.03
Bunch Of 12 Red Carnations & 6 Inches Teddy Bear Along With 5 Small Dairy Milk Chocolates (color Of The Teddy Can Change To Cream, White Or Brown Depending On The Availability Of The Color).
Twinkly Bright Buy Now

Twinkly Bright

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
This Bundle Includes Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums And Gerberra Daisies All Bound Up In A Cheerful Bouquet.
Elegant Pink Buy Now

Elegant Pink

Rp 612500 / $ 37.98
Our Pink Roses Stand Out As Feminine And Elegant In This Hand-tied Bouquet. Whether It’s For A Birthday, An Anniversary, Or Simply An Out-of-the-blue Surprise For A Loved One, These Flowers Are Sure To Bring A Smile To Their Face.
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