Flowers Box Delivery in Indonesia

Gone are the days when flower boxes were just being used to grow flowers in homes. Nowadays, flower boxes are used to create mesmerizing floral arrangements to captivate and charm its recipients. Sending flower boxes to Indonesia has a lot of other advantages besides serving as a good base for floral decoration. They most importantly add an extra layer of protection to the flowers.

Passion Buy Now


Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
11 Red Roses Arranged With Greens In A Gift Box With A Small Teddy Bear 10 Cms .
Affectionate Buy Now


Rp 637500 / $ 39.53
Pour Out All Your Affection To Your Loved Ones By Sending These 12 Red Roses In A Gift Box
Universe Buy Now


Rp 3375000 / $ 209.25
You Are My Universe.7 Boxes Of Flowers, 12 Pink Roses, 12 Orange Roses,9 Peach Roses, 9 Red Roses, 4 Lilac Roses, 4 Green Roses And 4 Deep Pink Roses, Arranged In A Box With Fillers. Isn't It Beautiful To Remind The Someone Special That They Are Missed Every Day Of The Week.
Tickle Buy Now


Rp 912500 / $ 56.58
Tickle Someone With These Beautiful Boxed Arrangement Of 12 Pink Roses.
Infatuation Buy Now


Rp 637500 / $ 39.53
Infatuated To Someone . Send These Beautiful Boxed Arrangement Of 12 Pink Roses, Tied With A Ribbon.
Rainbow Buy Now


Rp 1987500 / $ 123.23
You Are The Rainbow In My Life. 50 Multicolored Roses Arranged In A Heart Shape, With Two Small Teddies(10 Cms Each)
Scarlet Buy Now


Rp 712500 / $ 44.18
16 Red Roses Arranged In A Box
Cinderella Buy Now


Rp 975000 / $ 60.45
20 White Roses Arranged In A Heart Shaped Box, With A Cute Teddy 10 Cms
Flame Buy Now


Rp 912500 / $ 56.58
20 Red Roses Arranged In A Box (color Of The Box May Vary According To Availability)
Kisses Buy Now


Rp 2437500 / $ 151.13
Send This Heart Shaped Arrangement Of 100 Red And Pink Roses, Arranged In A Box
Rare Buy Now


Rp 987500 / $ 61.23
Rare Flowers To A Rare Person.Send This Stunning Arrangement Of 24 Red Roses Arranged In A Box.
Peerless Buy Now


Rp 637500 / $ 39.53
12 Red Roses Arranged In A Square Box For Your Peerless Love
Enkindle Buy Now


Rp 462500 / $ 28.68
5 Roses Wrapped And Placed In A Box Tied With A Ribbon
Sole Buy Now


Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
You Are The Sole Person I Admire. Send A Single Pink Rose In A Box. (Color Of Box May Vary According To Availability)
Elegant Buy Now


Rp 987500 / $ 61.23
Simple Yet Beautiful.Send This Heart Shaped Box Of 20 Pink And White Roses Arranged In A Heart Shaped Box
Unrivaled Buy Now


Rp 637500 / $ 39.53
Send Your Unrivaled Feeling With This Box Of 12 Red Roses
Exceptional Buy Now


Rp 1162500 / $ 72.08
Send This Beautiful Boxed Of 24 Pc Of Red Roses To The Exceptional Someone In Your Life
Delicate Buy Now


Rp 1112500 / $ 68.98
20 Pink Roses Delicately Arranged In A Round Box
Spotless Buy Now


Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
15 Red Roses Arranged With White Fillers In A Round Box
Peace Buy Now


Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
20 White Roses Arranged In A Box
Sentiment Buy Now


Rp 1112500 / $ 68.98
6 Red Roses Surrounded With 24 White Roses Arranged In A Heart Shaped Box
Peach Buy Now


Rp 637500 / $ 39.53
Heart Shaped Arrangement Of 20 Peach And Pink Roses
Pearl Buy Now


Rp 1162500 / $ 72.08
Send This Heart Shaped Arrangement Of 36 White And Pink Roses Arranged Beautifully
Deep Red Buy Now

Deep Red

Rp 1062500 / $ 65.88
Passion And Romance Unveiled With This 24 Red Roses Arranged In A Heart Shaped Box With Fillers
Single Yours Buy Now

Single Yours

Rp 255000 / $ 15.81
A Single Red Rose Can Speak More Than A 100 Rose At Times. Send This Single Red Rose In A Box(Box Will Be Replaced With Vase Incase Of Unavailability Of Box)
Heart To Heart Buy Now

Heart To Heart

Rp 645000 / $ 39.99
One Dozen Red Roses Expertly Presented In A Gift Box With Added Baby's Breath And Cuddly Teddy Bear.
My Perfect Match Buy Now

My Perfect Match

Rp 525000 / $ 32.55
Six Red Roses With Baby's Breath In A Rose Box With An Added Teddy Bear And Matching Bow.
Heart Beat Buy Now

Heart Beat

Rp 585000 / $ 36.27
Roses Are The Perfect Romantic Flowers Or For Any Day You Want To Celebrate Your Love. Mix Of 15 Red And Pink Roses In A Box.
Sweet Spring Buy Now

Sweet Spring

Rp 545000 / $ 33.79
Let Your Love Bloom With This Beautiful Arrangement. 7 Peach Roses With 3 Sunflowers And Greens In A Box.
So Loving Buy Now

So Loving

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Add A Touch Of Pink To Her Day With This Pink And Pretty Arrangement. Two Stems Of Pink Lilies And 5 Pink Gerberas With Greenery In A Box.
Happy Smiles Buy Now

Happy Smiles

Rp 585000 / $ 36.27
These Fresh Pink Roses Are A Beautiful Expression Of Joy. 15 Pink Roses In Two Shade With Greenery, Arranged Beautifully In A Square Box.
Baby Precious Buy Now

Baby Precious

Rp 565000 / $ 35.03
These Pink Combination Flowers Are A Statement That Is Sure To Make The Recipient Smile! Lovely 8 Pink Roses And 5 Pink Gerberas In A Box
Simple Blooms Buy Now

Simple Blooms

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Sweet Touch Of Two Stems White Lilies And 10 Soft Of Pink Roses Lovely Arranged In A Box.
Passionate Moment Buy Now

Passionate Moment

Rp 495000 / $ 30.69
Arriving With A Bright Mylar Balloon Exclaiming, “Happy Birthday,” This Flower Arrangement Will Add To The Celebration Of Their Special Day. 10 Pink Roses And Greenery Arranged In A Square Box, Delivered With A “Happy Birthday” Balloon.
Glamour Buy Now


Rp 475000 / $ 29.45
Because Your Love Deserves A Romantic Gift, Send This Arrangement To Your Love Ones. 10 Red Roses And Greenery In A Square Box.
Colourful Love Buy Now

Colourful Love

Rp 785000 / $ 48.67
Our Fun Gift Box Of Multi-coloured Roses For Your Special Ones. This Features 18 Roses In A Mix Of Bright Coloured Pink, Orange And Yellow. Teamed With A Cuddly Teddy Bear For An Extra Sweet Touch, Will Sure To Bring A Few Cuddles In Your Direction Too!
Is You Buy Now

Is You

Rp 2950000 / $ 182.90
100 Red Roses In Round Gift Box Is An Amazing Way To Express Your Feeling To Your Love One.
Free Chocolate
My Everything Buy Now

My Everything

Rp 745000 / $ 46.19
All The Red Flowers Make This Gift A Wonderful Way Of Letting Someone In Your Life Know They Are Important To You And You Appreciate All The Love They Give You. 25 Red Roses Arranged Beautifully In A Box.
Special Day Buy Now

Special Day

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
Making A Sweet Surprise For Someone Loving On Special Moment Of Celebration. Beautiful Arrangement Of 30 Pink Roses In A Heart-shaped Box.
Caring Buy Now


Rp 795000 / $ 49.29
This Stunning Pink Flower Bouquet Can Send Your Love In A Beautiful Way. Bouquet Of 20 Pink Roses Are Expertly Arranged In A Box.
Always Buy Now


Rp 395000 / $ 24.49
Send A Classic Arrangement With This Six Red Roses In A Box To Show Your Love .
A Dozen Hugs Buy Now

A Dozen Hugs

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
This Is Simply Beautiful In Every Way Possible. A Dozen Red Roses, Presented In A Box.
Beloved Buy Now


Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Send Your Love In A Beautiful Way With This Lovely Arrangement Of A Dozen Red Roses In A Round-gift Box.
All for You Buy Now

All For You

Rp 675000 / $ 41.85
Send A Beautiful Expression Of Love With This Arrangement Of A Dozen Red Roses In An Acrylic Box.
Pink Blossom Buy Now

Pink Blossom

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
A Delicate And Feminine Choice Is Our 25 Pink Roses, Presented In An Acrylic Box.
Forever in Love Buy Now

Forever In Love

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
For The Ultimate Expression Of Romance, Send This Striking Gathering Of Vivid Red Roses. A Dozen Red Roses Arranged In A Box.
Briliance Buy Now


Rp 745000 / $ 46.19
Make A Brilliant Choice Today By Sending A Vibrant Mixed Flower Arrangement! This Features 18 Roses In A Mix Of Bright Coloured Pink, Peach And Red, Presented In A Box.
Shimmering Love Buy Now

Shimmering Love

Rp 1175000 / $ 72.85
Mixed Of 25 Pink And White Roses With Greenery In A Round-gift Box.
Premium Single Rose Buy Now

Premium Single Rose

Rp 325000 / $ 20.15
Elegant Keepsake Box And Glass Stem Vase With A Premium Long Stemmed Rose Inside. A Very Romantic Gesture!
Just to Say Buy Now

Just To Say

Rp 245000 / $ 15.19
A Single Red Rose To Express Your Love, Deliver In Box.
Fairytale Buy Now


Rp 725000 / $ 44.95
This Color Combination Of White And Pink Comes Together To Form A Symbolic Blend Of Romance And Purity. Mix Of 20 Pink And White Roses With Greenery In Square Box.
Mix Rainbow Roses Buy Now

Mix Rainbow Roses

Rp 725000 / $ 44.95
A Dazzling Assortment Of 20 Stem Mixed Colored Roses Are Beautifully Arranged And Delivered In A Box A Wonderful Way To Remind Them Just How Much You Care!
Luxury Red Roses Buy Now

Luxury Red Roses

Rp 5900000 / $ 365.80
What More Needs To Be Said? This Is The Definition Of An Act Of Love. Two Hundreds Red Roses Arranged In A Heart-shaped Box.
Artistry Buy Now


Rp 675000 / $ 41.85
Charming And Easy On The Eyes, With Beautiful Pastel Tones, This Arrangement Brings A Room To Life With Its Artful Appearance. A Dozen Peach Roses , And Six White Roses With Berries , Presented In A Box.
Box of Delight Buy Now

Box Of Delight

Rp 725000 / $ 44.95
Send This Delightful And Lovely Arrangement To Someone You Loved. 20 Pink Roses In A Round Box.
My Angel Buy Now

My Angel

Rp 745000 / $ 46.19
Make Today A Lovely One! Send This Lovely 25 Pink Roses, Presented In A Box.
Morning Melody Buy Now

Morning Melody

Rp 985000 / $ 61.07
A Lovely Mix Of 8 Red Roses And 4 Stems Sunflowers With Baby’s Breath As Filler In A Round Box. Only For Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok And Tangerang Area.
Blush Roses Buy Now

Blush Roses

Rp 1625000 / $ 100.75
This Arrangement Is Sure To Please, Blushing 2 Shades Of 2 Dozen Pink Roses With 12 White Roses In A Round Box.
Meaningful Buy Now


Rp 925000 / $ 57.35
20 Red And White Roses In A Box.
Lucky In Lavender Buy Now

Lucky In Lavender

Rp 1075000 / $ 66.65
Get Love With These Stunning Purple Roses Arrangement! 25 Purple Roses Presented In A Round Box. Simply Captivating!
Everlast Buy Now


Rp 1375000 / $ 85.25
Relive The Romance And Passion Of Your Special Day With This Exciting Arrangement Of 40 Red Roses With 9 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate In A Round Box.
Heart of Love Buy Now

Heart Of Love

Rp 1255000 / $ 77.81
Expressive Arrangement Of 40 Red Roses In A Heart-shaped Box
Rose Garden Buy Now

Rose Garden

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
Truly This Is A Thriving Rose Garden! 20 Red Roses With Baby’s Breath And Greenery In A Round Box.
Sweetest Hello Buy Now

Sweetest Hello

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
When You Need To Share A Memorable Expression, Say It With An Arrangement Full Of Blooms And Gorgeous Texture. A Round Box Arrangement Of 2 Stems Of White Lilies, 6 Soft Pink Roses, White Chrysanthemum, And Fillers.
No More Result Found

Making sure that the flowers are nothing less than pristine when they reach your loved ones after a long day of commute. Flower boxes also come in a variety of shapes such as square, heart, round and more to enable you to send variety of arrangements to your loved ones. Send flower boxes online in Indonesia to your loved ones and sweep them off their feet. Ordering flowers for Indonesia can now be done easily with our website, Our team of expert and creative florists anticipate the need of our customers most succinctly and create mesmerizing bouquets in a matter of minutes. These magical creations are delivered to the arms of your oved ones by our hardworking delivery men. They navigate with ease through the snarling traffic, bad roads and rough weather to ensure that your best wishes reach your loved ones on time every time and in the most pristine condition. Bask in the unmitigated happiness of your loved ones by sending flower boxes in Indonesia to them. This will definitely turn out to be one of the best decision you have taken in a long time.

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