The rising city looks more glorious with flowers.

Bandung is one of the most upcoming cities in the Indonesian archipelago. The recent urbanization and industrialization have led to the all-round growth of the city. Therefore the living standards are very high. Due to the high economic stability, the city is not away from the constantly evolving trends in the world. People spend lavishly on celebrations and gifts. Thus, sending flowers in Bandung online is very popular. Order flowers online on our website to reach out to your elite circle. Our team of florists, use innovative methods of sending flowers in Bandung and around to give a pleasant surprise to the clients.

Hand bouquets are the best accompaniment to a Thank You.

The popular medium of presenting flowers is by presenting it through hand bouquets. This adds a personal touch to the gift which means a lot. Order hand bouquets online for Bandung on our website to get the bouquet ready according to your preference on the limitation of time set by you. We also have a provision of delivering the hand bouquet to your residence so that you can carry it with you when you go visit a special occasion. These bouquets are made with ultimate care so that they are easy to carry and the flowers also do not suffer damage due to unprofessional handling.

Flower in a vase liven up any abode.

Very often some flowers are delivered alongside a glass vase. This is to increase the longevity of the flowers. Important instructions are given by the delivery men at the time of delivery to enhance the beauty of the closed buds. Flowers like lilies, tulips, and roses are sent in their bud forms in a vase, which will then bloom into beautiful flowers. The vases are provided at a nominal cost and are readily available when you place your order on our website

Flowers in a basket isone of the most rustic gifts.

Sending the flowers in a basket to Bandung is a widely practiced concept. Cane baskets in different shapes and sizes are used in the decoration of the flower arrangement. Simple cane baskets with handles are considered to be clear favorites because they are handy to carry and display the flowers attractively. Place an order on our website for flowers in a basket and our expert florists are ready with many suggestions. We have also displayed many beautiful flower arrangements on our website to make it easy for you to select from them. A lovely basket full of red roses and a red ribbon tied on the handle with a bow brings gleam in the receiver's eyes.

Flower stand are a novel and mesmerizing concept.

This is a new concept adopted by our team in and we have seen a sudden surge in orders for flower stands. The clients have to specify the number and variety of flowers to be used and their budget. This will make it easy for our team at to finalize the order according to your wishes. We also use a conglomerate of different flowers to create mesmerizing flowers stand. You will be astonished to see the artistic creations presented by our florists in a very short time.

Flower boxes for that added layer of security.

To deliver the flowers safely and with least damage a new idea of flower boxes has been developed. These boxes are attractive and handy to carry and preserve the flower everywhere. Made of biodegradable substance they are toxin free and are good also for the environment.

Low-cost bouquets, because love should not be hindered by money.


Not all the people are ready to shell out a certain amount for flower bouquets because it does not fit into their budget. We at have considered this problem and have found this solution in our low-cost bouquets. The customers can go through our website,, and select any low-cost bouquets which fulfill their requirement as well as does not burn a hole in their pockets. Beautiful creation using fewer flowers or flowers which are not very expensive are tailor-made according to the monetary limits of the clients. But we do not compromise on the quality of the flowers or the services. This helps in creating a balance between the requirements and budget of the clients.

Bandung is witnessing a boom in the economic sphere. The popularity of our website is also synonymous with this boom. Our website would not have seen such a success without the support of the people of Bandung. We owe our success to them and therefore we have taken a pledge to serve them with our utmost will and determination. Our delivery men and florists work diligently to fulfill our motto to satisfy the customers so that they can get value worth of every penny they have spent.

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