In a vase

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Magic Of White Buy Now

Magic Of White

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Bouquet Of 5 Stems Of White Lilies . Each Stems Has 2-3 Flowers .
Glowing Glory Buy Now

Glowing Glory

Rp 625000 / $ 38.75
Their Beauty Lights Up The Room -- Return The Favor With Our Vibrant Bouquet Of Twenty Gorgeous Multicolored Roses, In All The Colors They Love. Bunch With Twenty Stems Of Red , Yellow , Orange , White & Pink Roses , With Greens
Red Beauty Buy Now

Red Beauty

Rp 2750000 / $ 170.50
Show The Darling Of Your Life Just How Much You Care By Sending This Roses Bonanza Consisting Of 100 Sensational Red Roses. Bunch Of 100 Stems Of Red Roses
Magical Friendship Buy Now

Magical Friendship

Rp 1125000 / $ 69.75
This Gift Is Perfect For All Occasions, Whether You�re Celebrating Romance, Surprising A Friend, Spoiling A Family Member, Or Congratulating Someone On A Milestone.Bunch Of 40 Yellow Roses
Passionate Buy Now


Rp 300000 / $ 18.60
Send Our Summer Collection Of 10 Freshly Cut Pink Roses. This Bouquet Awaits A Perfect Smile And Sends A Message Love Is In The Air. Bunch With 10 Stems Of Pink Roses With Greens & Gypsophelia
Lady Love Buy Now

Lady Love

Rp 1000000 / $ 62.00
A Visually Stunning Display, 36 Pink Roses Typically Symbolize Admiration, Gratitude, And Appreciation. The Ultimate In Romance, This Gift Showcases The Sublime Beauty Of Roses And Will Be Received With Happiness And Appreciation.
Brillent Shine Buy Now

Brillent Shine

Rp 1750000 / $ 108.50
Bunch Of 60 Yellow Roses Nicely Wrapped, To Charm Your Loved Ones.
Modern Beauty Buy Now

Modern Beauty

Rp 750000 / $ 46.50
Bunch Of 24 Stems Of Orange Roses
Dedication Buy Now


Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Bunch Of 10 Pink Roses And 3 Pink Lilies .
24 White Beauty Buy Now

24 White Beauty

Rp 1062500 / $ 65.88
Simply In White, Treat Someone To A Bunch Of Beautiful Roses.
Someone Special Buy Now

Someone Special

Rp 537500 / $ 33.33
So Sweet, So Pretty, So Perfect For That Special Someone In Your Life. She Will Love These Classic Red Roses, Beautifully Arranged In A Elegant Clear Vase.
Pure Life Buy Now

Pure Life

Rp 537500 / $ 33.33
So Elegant, So Pure, So Perfect For That Special Someone In Your Life. She Will Love These Snowy White Roses, Beautifully Arranged In A Elegant Clear Vase.
12 Light Pink Roses Buy Now

12 Light Pink Roses

Rp 537500 / $ 33.33
The Perfectly Pink Rose Is A Symbolic Expression Of Gratitude, Grace And Appreciation. A Dozen Of Our Finest Pink Roses Arrive With A Clear Glass Vase To Form A Traditional Bouquet That Creates An Ideal Gift For Any Occasion Throughout The Year.
Delightful Calla Buy Now

Delightful Calla

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
A Delightful Arrangement Of 3 Stem White Calla Lily. Arranged In A Clear Glass Vase.
Womens Desire Buy Now

Womens Desire

Rp 812500 / $ 50.38
12 Mixed Colored Roses And Exciting White Lilies Go Hand In Hand In This Hot Color Combination Arrangement.
6 Love Roses Buy Now

6 Love Roses

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
Nothing Speaks Of Love So Much As A Bouquet Of Beautiful 6 Long Stem Red Roses. Arranged In A Classic Glass Vase, This Bouquet Is A Gift To Her Heart From Yours.
Exotic Anthuriums Buy Now

Exotic Anthuriums

Rp 287500 / $ 17.83
This Exotic Simple Tied Anthurium And Foliage Arrangement Will Complement The Modern Home Or Office
Peace Anthurium Buy Now

Peace Anthurium

Rp 287500 / $ 17.83
Create Peace And Serene Simplicity In Their Life With The Beauty And Sophistication Of Our Gorgeous White Anthurium In A Clear Glass Vase
Sunny Siesta Buy Now

Sunny Siesta

Rp 875000 / $ 54.25
This Divine Bouquet Reminds The Eye Of Summer. Featuring Sunflowers, Germini And Solidago, This Arrangement Will Brighten Up Your Day And Make Your Loved One Smile.
20 White callalily in a vase Buy Now

20 White Callalily In A Vase

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Create Peace And Serene Simplicity In Their Life With The Beauty And Sophistication Of Our Gorgeous 20 Stem White Calla Lilies.
Simply Enchanting Buy Now

Simply Enchanting

Rp 812500 / $ 50.38
Our Spread The Sunshine Bouquet Bursts With Warm Wishes And Hopes For Happiness! Yellow Roses Share The Spotlight With White Calla Lilies And Eucalyptus To Create A Memory For Your Special Recipient That Will Make Their Season Complete!
Red Mums Buy Now

Red Mums

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
This Powerful, Classic Bouquet Features Red Daisies At Their Most Dramatic. Send This To Express Deep Admiration, Happiness, And Love. This Red Flower Bouquet Includes Daisy Chrysanthemums And Greenery To Match.
Classy Bouquet Buy Now

Classy Bouquet

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
This Simple Yet Elegant Arrangement Of Pink Flowers, With A Perfect Balance Of Pastel Tones, Will Convey Your Happy Message Tastefully.
Red Anthurium & Roses Buy Now

Red Anthurium & Roses

Rp 380000 / $ 23.56
2 Red Anthurium & 2 Roses In Glass Vase
Dark red roses Buy Now

Dark Red Roses

Rp 1062500 / $ 65.88
A Stunning Bouquet Of Roses! Dark Red, Warm Glowing Roses That Make An Impression In A Compact Bouquet.
Exquisite Bunch Buy Now

Exquisite Bunch

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
The Bouquet Of Your Dreams. Wonderful Pink Roses Conveys A Message Of Admiration And Love. Here Combined With Elegant White Flowers. An Exquisite Gift For A Special Someone.
Charming Buy Now


Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
This Flower Arrangement Is An Absolutely Charming Way To Send Your Warmest Sentiments. Deep Fuchsia Spray Roses, Pink Mini Carnations, White Traditional Daisies And Lush Greens Are Sweetly Situated In A Classic Clear Glass Vase Accented With A Perfectly Pink Designer Ribbon To Create A Bouquet That Will Delight Your Special Recipient At Every Turn.
Summer Sunflower 12 Buy Now

Summer Sunflower 12

Rp 687500 / $ 42.63
The Summer 12 Sunflower Bouquet Exudes Sunshine And Warmth With Each Brilliant Petal! Assorted Sunflowers Create A Dazzling Display Seated In A Clear Glass Vase Making A Fantastic Summertime Display For Your Special Recipient.
Sunflowers in a Vase Buy Now

Sunflowers In A Vase

Rp 437500 / $ 27.13
Sunflowers Symbolize The Sun Itself, And Their Open Faces Convey Warmth And Happiness, Adoration And Longevity. They Are Unique In That They Have The Ability To Provide Energy In The Form Of Nourishment And Vibrancy—attributes Which Mirror The Sun And The Energy Provided By Its Heat And Light.
2 Dozen Red Roses Buy Now

2 Dozen Red Roses

Rp 1275000 / $ 79.05
2 Dozen Roses Make A Grand Entrance In This Beautiful Arrangement In A Glass Vase. Sure To Impress For Any Occasion.
Pink Roses & Oriental lilies Buy Now

Pink Roses & Oriental Lilies

Rp 887500 / $ 55.03
Weve Combined Classic Kenyan Roses And Oriental Lilies With Delicate Wax Flower And Pretty Lisianthus To Create This Elegant Hand-tied. The Soft Pink Hues Of These Beautiful Flowers Make This An Irresistibly Feminine Gift That Is Sure To Delight.
Cheerful Smile Buy Now

Cheerful Smile

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
This Charming Vase Of Sunflower,yellow Roses And Daisy Plants Helps You Express All The Joy And Happiness You Feel Knowing They’re In Your Life! Multiple Plants Are Gathered Together To Create One Special Gift That Can Be Replanted And Enjoyed For Years To Come. What A Wonderful Way To Celebrate A Birthday, Congratulate Them On Their New Home Or Say, “Get Well Soon!”
Lovely lady Buy Now

Lovely Lady

Rp 400000 / $ 24.80
Lovely Arrangement Of 6 Peach And 6 White Gerbera. Arranged In A Nice Clear Glass Vase.
Blooming Roses Buy Now

Blooming Roses

Rp 562500 / $ 34.88
A Dazzling Arrangement Of 3 Red Roses And 10 Stem Daisies In A Clear Glass Vase.
Floral Embrace Buy Now

Floral Embrace

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Roses And Lilies In A Vase.
10 Sunflower In A Vase Buy Now

10 Sunflower In A Vase

Rp 487500 / $ 30.23
Nothing Says SMILE Like Sunflowers. With Their Golden Rays, They Bring Warmth To Any Occasion. Say Happy Birthday, Get Well, Or I Love You With This Beautiful Arrangement Of 10 Bright Yellow Sunflowers.
Pink Delight Buy Now

Pink Delight

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Celebrate Pink And A Special Occasion Or Person With The Sugar And Sweet Bouquet. Light And Dark Pink Roses Are Combined With Some Fillers For A Beautiful And Soft Floral Arrangement.
Pretty Sunshine Buy Now

Pretty Sunshine

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
What Speaks Louder Than A Stunning Yellow Flowers? Our Sun Flowers And Yellow Mums In A Avse Symbolizing Elegance And Purity.Send This Gorgeous Bouquet For Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day Or Even Just Because You Feel Like Sending A Positive Message To Somebody You Care About.
Classic Peace Pink Roses Buy Now

Classic Peace Pink Roses

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Whether Its For The Love In Your Life Or Just Showing Your Appreciation Towards Someone You Care About, This Graceful Arrangement Of Pink And White Flowers Is Perfect For Any Setting. Put Them In The Home Or Office To Really Help Brighten Up Your Day. Pink Roses Can Really Help Give A Classic Feel To Any Area Of The House, And Serve Perfectly As Centre Or Accent Pieces.
Simplicity Buy Now


Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Who Doesn’t Want To Receive A Beautiful Flowers On A Special Day? Send Along A Delicate Flower With Our Beautiful Flowers With Vase As A Token Of Your Love And Care. These Pink Roses, Carnation And White Mums, Representing Gentle Elegance, Are Perfect For The Office Or A Home Display
Autumn Blooms Buy Now

Autumn Blooms

Rp 987500 / $ 61.23
A Gift Representing Hope And Purity Never Goes Out Of Style. Send Our Elegant Mixed Color Roses & Mixed Color Alstromeria Centerpiece To Your Loved One Today.
Pastel Lover Buy Now

Pastel Lover

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Roses Are Always A Popular Choice For Special Occasions And These Attractive Fresh Blooms In Vibrant Soft Pastel Pinks Really Show How Wonderful They Can Look. We’ve Carefully Selected A Dozen Long-stemmed Roses And Arranged Them In A Tall, Elegant Vase To Create A Delightful Gift.
Pink Pinch Buy Now

Pink Pinch

Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
A Beautiful Gift For Your Love One Or To Express The Love.vase With 12 Stems Of Pink Roses,with White Alstromeria.
Blush of Tulips Buy Now

Blush Of Tulips

Rp 812500 / $ 50.38
A Splendid Arrangement Of 10 Stems Pink Tulips Will Be A Blooming Gift For Your Loved One. The Vase Comes With 10 Stems Of Pink Tulips. And White Fillers.
Garden of Love Buy Now

Garden Of Love

Rp 775500 / $ 48.08
Send This Sweet, Sentimental Bouquet On Her Birthday, Mother’s Day, Or… Any Day You Want To Make Her Feel Extra Special. Arrangement Of Daises And Red Carnation In A Vase.
Purple Beauty Buy Now

Purple Beauty

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
A Beautiful Arrangement Of Purple Daises And Carnation With Greeneries In A Glass Vase.
Valentines Romance Buy Now

Valentines Romance

Rp 1287500 / $ 79.83
Rose Bouquet Brings Together Lush Red Roses To Make A Lasting Impression. Gorgeous Red Roses Are Simply Accented With A Cute Heart Balloon. This Flower Bouquet Conveys Your Heart’s Deepest Desires To Love And Romance. The Bunch Consists Of 24 Red Roses In A Vase With Heart Shaped Chocolate And A Cute Teddy Bear.
Lovely in Pink Buy Now

Lovely In Pink

Rp 812500 / $ 50.38
This Is A But Spectacular Combination Of Roses And Elegant Lilies. These Flowers Are Not Just Popular But Also Firm Favorites, And The Combination Work So Beautifully Together. They Are Simple And Stylish. This Arrangement Is A Fabulous Gift Made With Three Stems Of Pink Lilies And 6 Stems Of Pink Roses In A Vase.
Just for you Buy Now

Just For You

Rp 812500 / $ 50.38
A Elegant Arrangement Of Mixed Flowers In A Vase, The Bunch Consist 2 Lilies,purple Mums And Pink Gerberas In A Glass Vase.
Vibrant Love Buy Now

Vibrant Love

Rp 1612500 / $ 99.98
Queen Of All Flowers, The Rose Is Considered To Be A Symbol Of Love And Passion. The Beautiful Vase Comes With 36 Stem Assorted Color Roses.
Summer Love Buy Now

Summer Love

Rp 687500 / $ 42.63
A Stunning Modern Arrangement That Features Orange Roses.white Mums And A Lovely Accent Of Yellow Carnation. This Beautiful Bouquet Glows With The Warm Spirit Summer Love.
Simply Loving Buy Now

Simply Loving

Rp 1112500 / $ 68.98
It’s Red And White Combination Is A Lovely Way To Use Colours To Express Feelings. The Red Roses And White Oriental Lilies Are Also A Wonderful Way To Use Flowers To Show Love. The Vase Comes With 3 Stems Of White Lilies ,12 Stems Of Red Roses And White Mums In A Vase.
Dear Darling Buy Now

Dear Darling

Rp 687500 / $ 42.63
A Combination Of Tropical Colors That Will Make Your Heart Feel The Warm Breeze Of Summer. This Bunch Consist Of Mixed Yellow And Purple Mums Together With 6 Lovely Yellow Roses With Greeneries In A Vase.
Titanic Pink Buy Now

Titanic Pink

Rp 1687500 / $ 104.63
A Beautiful Arrangement Of 50 Pink Roses Is A Glass Vase.
Lovers Garden Buy Now

Lovers Garden

Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
This Beautiful Arrangement Consist Different Kind Of Flowers That Can Surely Make Your Heart Feel Special.
Pretty in pink and white Buy Now

Pretty In Pink And White

Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
This Beautiful Arrangement Consist A Dozen Of White Roses And Another Dozen Of Pink Lovely Roses That Surely Can Make Your Loved Ones Blush.
Endless Love Buy Now

Endless Love

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
A Beautiful Arrangement Of Pink And Purple Roses With Hydrangea And Greeneries In A Glass Vase. Dozen Of Pink And Purple Roses.hydrangea And Fillers.
My sunshine Buy Now

My Sunshine

Rp 687500 / $ 42.63
Arrangement Of 1 Dozen Yellow Roses And White Mums That Will Surely Brighten Up Your Day.
You Complete Me Buy Now

You Complete Me

Rp 1237500 / $ 76.73
Perhaps You Are Looking For The Perfect Romantic Present For Your Significant Other. Our Elegant Flower Arrangement In Vase Offers Stunning Blooms Of Pink Carnation,tulips ,peach Roses And Greeneries Presented In A Glass Vase. Send It To Home Or Work To Create A Special Surprise For That Special Someone.
Yours Truly Buy Now

Yours Truly

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Are You Looking For A New Way To Send Happiness And Cheer To Your Loved One? Our Arrangement Of Orange Roses With Purple Mums Will Give You That Beautiful Modern Arrangement That Will Surely Make You Smile Everytime You See This .
Loving you Buy Now

Loving You

Rp 737500 / $ 45.73
Are You Looking For A Beautiful And Bright Floral Arrangement To Send That Someone Special For An Upcoming Event? This Red And Pink Carnation Is The Perfect Choice.It Is Sure To Add A Taste Of Delight To Anyone’s Day.
Divine Love Buy Now

Divine Love

Rp 987500 / $ 61.23
A Beautiful Arrangement Of 3 Stems Of Pink Lilies And A Dozen Of White Roses Perfectly Arranged In A Glass Vase.
Young Love Buy Now

Young Love

Rp 937500 / $ 58.13
Arrangement Of 1 Stem Of Pink Lilies ,Peach Roses And Purple Mums In A Classy Glass Vase.
Love Me Buy Now

Love Me

Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
Are You Looking For A New Way To Send Happiness And Cheer To Your Loved One? Our Mixed Of Red Roses ,Pink Carnation With Purple Mums For Accent . Is Sure To Do The Trick. Send Your Loved Ones, Family Members And Friends This Gift To Brighten Up Their Day.
Perfect For you Buy Now

Perfect For You

Rp 1737500 / $ 107.73
A Perfect Combination Of 20 Red And 20White Roses In A Glass Vase.
Queen of Hearts Buy Now

Queen Of Hearts

Rp 1687500 / $ 104.63
A Lovely Arrangement Of 40 Mixed Roses In A Glass Vase.
Your Love Buy Now

Your Love

Rp 1875000 / $ 116.25
A Beautiful Arrangement Of 50 Mixed Roses In A Classy Glass Vase That Can Warm Your Heart.
Lovely Surprise Buy Now

Lovely Surprise

Rp 612500 / $ 37.98
Simply Elegant Arrangement Of 6 Pink Roses With Greeneries In A Glass Vase Together With A Cute Balloon That Will Sure Make Her/him Smile The Whole Day.
Refreshing Red Buy Now

Refreshing Red

Rp 1275000 / $ 79.05
A Delightful Arrangement Of 2 Dozen Red Roses And Greeneries In A Glass Vase.
Lover Forever Buy Now

Lover Forever

Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
A Modern A Stunning Big Arrangement Of 20 Beautiful Red And Pink Roses That Will Surely Express How Big Your Love For Him/her.,and Making This Arrangement More Beautiful That Can Brighten Up Her/his Day.
Elegant Love Buy Now

Elegant Love

Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
Roses And Carnation Arranged In A Very Elegant Way That Will Give You That Fancy Aura. Perfect For Special Occasion.
I Love you forever Buy Now

I Love You Forever

Rp 862500 / $ 53.48
A Perfect Mixed Of Colors , Roses ,Gerberas And Mums Thats Is Exactly Arranged To Compliment Each Other ,making This Bouquet More Vibrant And Beautiful .
Pretty Red Buy Now

Pretty Red

Rp 987500 / $ 61.23
2 Dozen Of Freshly Picked Red Roses Beautifully Arranged In A Glass Vase.
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